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My first career out of college was that of a college professor teaching psychology. During the summers when I was not teaching, I traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada. While visiting in California at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, I heard about a woman named Ida P. Rolf, who had developed a program for reorganizing the human body to make it more stress-free and help return the structure to a more normal posture and balance. As a participant in a workshop at Easlen, I was invited to experience a session of the Structural Integration, or Rolfing, technique. At that time, Ida Rolf was visiting and teaching in Big Sur. The first session literally changed my life.

At the age of 18, I had taken a serious fall on some icy steps on my college campus. My lower back sustained an injury that was chronic for many years. When I had the first session of Rolfing, I noticed immediate changes in flexibility and felt straighter. But, it wasn’t until a month later that it dawned on me that I had not had a serious backache in quite a while. There were no Rolfers in New England at that time so I planned subsequent vacations to areas where Rolfers lived to enable me to complete a “basic” series of 10 sessions.

Over the next several years, I completed my training at the Rolf Institute located in Boulder, Colorado. I started a practice in 1975 as Connecticut’s first resident Rolfer and one of only three in the New England states. During the early years, I studied with Dr. Rolf, her son, Richard Demmerle, Rosemary Feitis, Louis Schultz, Peter Melchior, Emmet Hutchens, Jim Asher, John Lodge, Judith Aston and several other teachers trained by Dr. Rolf. My Rolf Movement Certification was completed in a training with Jane Harrington.

Over the years, my client base has included children with special needs, professional athletes, people recovering from accidents and surgeries, migraine sufferers, arthritic seniors, and many experiencing neck, back, joint, and various soft tissue strains.

But, you don't have to “need” Rolfing. The series of sessions enhance function and wellness for all body types regardless of age or physical abilities.