Mary C. Staggs, MS

Connecticut’s Senior Rolfersince 1975

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Rolf Movement Practitioner

Are you experiencing headaches, neck or back pain? Strained muscles, tendons or ligaments? Are you thinking that it is just something you will have to learn to live with? Before resigning yourself to years of discomfort, explore Rolfing as an option.  Mary was a student of Ida P. Rolf and practices her traditional methods.


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Rolfing is a hands-on direct manipulation of the body’s connective tissue or fascia, which surrounds muscle groups and forms tendons and ligaments. The basic chemical structure of fascia is collagen, the same substance found in Jell-O. In order for Jell-O to “jell”, it has to be placed in the refrigerator.

Ida Rolf

Ida P. Rolf, PhD

Dr. Rolf’s passion for developing and perfecting the process of Structural Integration was founded on academic achievement, research experiences, and efforts to assist family and friends who experienced physical ailments not addressed by traditional treatment methods.

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